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Songs and Music of the Redcoats

Martyn Wyndham-Read, The Druids, Gerry Fox: Songs and Music of the Redcoats (Argo ZDA 147)

Songs and Music of the Redcoats (1642-1902)
Martyn Wyndham-Read, The Druids, Gerry Fox

Argo ZDA 147 (LP, UK, February 1972)

This album was inspired by Lewis Winstock’s book of the same title: Songs and Music of the Redcoats: A History of the War Music of the British Army 1642-1902, Leo Cooper Ltd, London 1970.

Produced by Kevin Daly;
Recorded by Adrian Martins and Iain Churches


Martyn Wyndham-Read: vocals, guitar;
The Druids:
  Keith Kendrick: vocals, chorus, concertina, guitar;
  John Adams: vocals, chorus, accordion, mandolin;
  Mick Hennessey: vocals, chorus, bass;
Gerry Fox: vocals, chorus, guitar, mandolin;
Jim Younger: concertina;
Dennis Clarke: flute, chorus;
Vin Garbutt: whistle, chorus;
Frank Grubb, Kevin Daly, Lewis Winstock: chorus

Musicians from the Band of the Scots Guards:
  Director of Music: Major James H. Howe, MBE;
  L/Sgt. Michael Gray: oboe;
  Sgt. William Verdon: clarinet;
  Musn. Allan Timperley: clarinet;
  Musn. Tony Jeffrey: bassoon;
  Sgt. Gerald Manvell: percussion


Side 1

  1. Civil War
    [SG] The English March
    [SG] John Gwyn’s Air
    [MW-R] When the King Enjoys His Own Again
    [KK, JA, MW-R] When Cannons Are Roaring
  2. Marlborough
    [MW-R] Over the Hills and Far Away
    [JA] Sergeant Morris’ Song
  3. Seven Years War
    [SG] The Marquis of Granby
    [MW-R] The Girl I Left Behind Me
    [D] How Stands the Glass Around?
    [GF] Hot Stuff
  4. America’s War of Independence
    [SG] The Grenadier’s March
    [KK] Light Infantry Song
    [SG] Over the Water to Charlie
    [SG] Roslyn Castle
    [SG, D] The British Grenadiers
  5. Napoleonic Wars
    [MH] Love, Farewell
    [KK] One and All
    [D] The Owl
    [SG, D] The Rogues’ March

Side 2

  1. Napoleonic Wars (continued)
    [KK] Sahagun
    [GF] Lochaber No More
    [JA] The Sodger’s Return
  2. Crimea
    [SG, D] Hey for the Life of a Soldier
    [SG] Paddy’s Resource
    [JA] Cheer Boys Cheer
  3. Indian Wars
    [MW-R] Bang Upon the Big Drum
    [MW-R] Here’s to the Last One to Die
  4. Late 19th Century
    [MW-R] The Jolly Die-Hards
    [D] Colonel Burnaby
    [GF] The Connaught Rangers
  5. South Africa
    [SG] Rory O’More
    [D] Razors in the Air
    [MH] The Wagon Loafers
    [MW-R] Soldiers of the Queen