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The Plainsman

[Trevor Lucas / Pete Roche]

Trevor Lucas and Pete Roche’s song The Plainsman was first released on the 1973 Fairport Convention album Rosie and later on the double CD compilation Meet On The Ledge: The Classic Years 1967-1975 and on the album Fiddlestix - The Best of Fairport 1972-1984. A Trevor Lucas solo live recording of this tune at The Troubadour Cafe, South Melbourne, Australia, October 1984 is available on the cassette The Attic Tracks Vol. 2.

According to Chuck Owston, the tune of this song is a traditional tune called Tramps and Hawkers in the UK and Peter Emberly/Amberlyin Canada’s maritime provinces.


Trevor Lucas sings The Plainsman

I come from the moor and the mountain, from the waterfall and stream.
I’ve turned my back on the mountain track; I’m walking in a dream.
And ev’ry new horizon to me it seems the same
And ev’rywhere looks old and bare while trav’ling on the plains.

There’s no-one rides this road with me, a plainsman rides alone.
The welcome waits by a city gate, no voice to call me home.
Alone I came into this place, and that is how I will go
And all I learn is the season’s turn, it’s all I need to know.

Oh the world is hung with silver tongues, with good advice to give.
If you can’t show me how to die, don’t tell me how to live.
The plainsman’s song, though it’s seldom long, it’s more than meets the ear
And all I believe is the falling leaves at the turning of the year.

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