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The Folk Attick Presents

The Folk Attick Presents (Folksong N-1898)

The Folk Attick Presents

Folksong N-1898 (7" EP, Australia, 1963)

Tracks on the recording represent a cross section of the folk music enjoyed each night by Sydney audience at the Folk Attick, 26-28 Darlinghurst Rd., King’s Cross. The Folk Attick is “home” for the artists who have contributed to this selection. [from the sleeve notes]


Paul Brand: guitar [1, 2, 4];
O’Shane Duckham: blues harmonica [2, 4];
Emma Hannah: vocals [1, 2, 4];
Martin James: vocals [3];
Trevor Lucas: guitar, vocals [2, 4];
Jan de Zwaan: vocals [3];


Side 1

  1. Quiet Jungle (Wimoweh)
  2. Old Time Religion (Roud 6423)

Side 2

  1. Working on the Railway
  2. Dem Bones Gwine Rise Again (Roud 4184; Laws I18)

All tracks trad. except
Track 1 Paul Campbell, Solomon Linda