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Steve Ashley: Mysterious Ways

Steve Ashley: Mysterious Ways (Lighthouse/LINE LHCD 9.00708)

Mysterious Ways
Steve Ashley

Lighthouse/LINE LHCD 9.00708 (CD, Germany, 1990)

Recorded and mixed at Woodworm Studio, Barford St. Michael, Oxon, 1990 by Martin Mitchell;
Back on the Road Again recorded and mixed at Millstream Studio, Cheltenham by Mick Dolan;
Produced by Steve Ashley and Martin Mitchell;
All songs written by Steve Ashley


The Steve Ashley Band:
Steve Ashley: vocals, acoustic guitar, electric bouzouki, whistle;
John Broomhall: keyboards;
Dik Cadbury: bass guitar, fretless bass;
Mick Dolan: electric guitar;
Al Fenn: electric guitar;
Steve Harper: trumpet;
Chris Leslie: fiddle, mandolin;
Alleyn Menzies: drums;
Ian Mundy: bass guitar, vocals;
James Sallis: trumpet, flugel horn

with guests
Dave Pegg, Maartin Allcock: fretless bass;
Simon Nicol: electric guitar;
Jane Butterfield: trombone;
Sheila & Sheryl Parker: vocals


  1. Back on The Road Again (3.51)
  2. Loveblind (4.15)
  3. Livin’ in the USA (3.33)
  4. Summer’s Done (4.19)
  5. Sweet Affinity (5.31)
  6. Same Old Stories (3.40)
  7. When the Sun Goes Down (3.57)
  8. Shine a Light (4.20)
  9. The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways (3.30)
  10. The Last of the Diamonds (4.25)