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The Tinderbox: Farewell Britannia

The Tinderbox: Farewell Britannia (Polydor 56296 A)

Farewell Britannia
The Tinderbox

Polydor Records 56296 (single, UK, scheduled for issue in 1969 but not issued)

The Tinderbox: Rainsong (Polydor 56296 B)

Produced by Austin John Marshall

Steve Ashley commented on his own website:

[…] Despite such promising beginnings, however, The Tinderbox was not to continue sparking for long. Having signed with Polydor, they promptly discovered the perils of recording a “topical” song — the news had just broken that, as Britain prepared for decimal coinage, the image of Britannia was to be removed from the coin of the realm. A furious public outcry ensued, and the Tinderbox added their own voice to the controversy, Farewell Britannia. A week before the record’s spring 1969 release, the Powers That Be caved in. Britannia would be preserved on the 50 pence piece, and the Tinderbox single was scrapped on the spot.


Steve Ashley: vocals;
Dave Menday: guitar

Mike Finnigan: keyboards;
Tony Reeves: bass


Side 1

  1. Farewell Britannia

Side 2

  1. Rainsong

Track 1 Steve Ashley, Dave Menday;
Track 2 Steve Ashley


Thanks to Alistair Banfield for the record information and photos.