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Where Are They Now

[Rick Kemp]

Where Are They Now is a song from Steeleye Span’s 1980 reunion album Sails of Silver, and has also been used in 1985 for the charity compilation Feed the Folk.

Rick Kemp also sang Where Are They Now in 2018 on his Fellside album Perfect Blue.


Steeleye Span sing Where Are They Now

Man said nature was his mother
Made a promise at his birth
But she’s running like a hunted fox for cover
All across the earth

The forest turned into the tall ships,
And though they fought for England well
The emptiness is ringing down the ages
Like a hollow bell

Where are they now?
Old mysteries
The high ideas of thousand years
All lost on the breeze
Where are they now?

Asking wonders of our children
Blind faith in all the rules
But the blind lead the blind from the cradle
Through the faith of fools

One son gone unto the merchant
Another to the bishop went
Another son to serve the king
And country in some regiment


Every year in late December
Hark the Herald Angels sing in the church,
Words of Peace on Earth are spoken
It doesn’t change a thing