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Westron Wynde

[ Roud V18833 ; Mudcat 85089 ; trad.]

Westron Wynde is an early 16th-century song whose tune was used as the basis (cantus firmus) of Masses by English composers John Taverner, Christopher Tye and John Sheppard. The tune first appears with words in a partbook of around 1530, which contains mainly keyboard music. Historians believe that the lyrics are a few hundred years older (‘Middle English’) and the words are a fragment of medieval poetry. [cited from Wikipedia]

Isla Cameron sang Westron Wynde in 1962 on her and Tony Britton’s Transatlantic album Songs of Love, Lust and Loose Living.

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior sang Westron Wynde in 1971 on their third duo album, Summer Solstice.

Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton sang Western Wind on their 1998 album The Bee-Loud Glade.


Original version of Westron Wynde

Westron wynde, when wilt thou blow,
The small raine down can raine.
Cryst, if my love were in my armes
And I in my bedde again.

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior sing Westron Wynde

Westron wynde, when will thou blow,
The small rain down can rain.
Christ, that my love were in my arms
And I in my bed again.