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Like the Wind

[David Rohl]

All the members of Steeleye Span undertake other musical projects from time to time, but Maddy Prior remains the most diversified and has appeared in an array of different roles. Her effort with Mandalaband, lifted from their second album The Eye of Wendor on Chrysalis, displays that amazing vocal style for which she is acclaimed.


Friday Brown, backing vocals;
Steve Broomhead, guitars, male choir;
Jimmy McDonnell, guitars;
Alf Tramontin, bass;
David Rohl, vari-speed pianos, male choir;
David Hassle, percussion;
Wooly Wolstenholme, mellotrons;
Kim Turner, drums, male choir;
Martin Lawrence, male choir;
Micky Purton, Russell Hayward, Paul Bryan Farr, French horns;
Hallé Orchestra, strings;
Ritchie Close, orchestral score