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Dance With Me

[DgF 47; trad.]

Dance With Me is a translation of the Danish ballad Elveskud, which can be found as Sir Olof in the Elve-Dance in Thomas Keightley: The Fairy Mythology, London, 1860, p. 82. Steeleye Span recorded it in 1975 for their album All Around My Hat.

Also in the same book is a translation of the traditional Danish ballad Eline af Villenskov (DgF 52D) which was rendered by Steeleye Span as Seven Hundred Elves on their earlier album Now We Are Six.


Steeleye Span sing Dance With Me

A knight he rode his lonely way
Thinking about his wedding day
As he rode through a forest near
The elf king’s daughter did appear

Out she stepped from the elfin band
Smiling she held out her hand
Welcome Sir Knight, why such speed?
Come with me the dance to lead

Chorus (after every other verse):
Dance, dance, follow me
Round and round the greenwood tree
Dance, dance, while you may
Tomorrow is your dying day
Dance with me, dance with me

Listen Sir Knight come dance with me,
Spurs of gold I’ll give to thee
Dance neither I will give nor may
Tomorrow is my wedding day

Please Sir Knight come dance with me
A shirt of silk I’ll give to thee
A shirt of silk so white and fine
My mother has bleached in the moon-beams shine

Please Sir Knight come dance with me
A crown of gold I’ll give to thee
Your crown of gold I’ll freely take
But I’ll not join your elfin wake

Do you refuse to dance with me
A plague of death shall follow thee
Between his shoulders a blow she dealt
Such a blow he’d never felt