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Gay & Terry Woods in Concert

Gay & Terry Woods in Concert (Strange Fruit WINCD071)

In Concert
Gay & Terry Woods

Strange Fruit WINCD071 (CD, UK, 1995)

Tracks 1-4: Recorded in session for John Peel, 28 March 1978
Produced by Chris Lycett. Engineered by Mike Robinson

Gay Woods: dulcimer, vocals [1-2, 4];
Terry Woods: rhythm guitar, vocals [3];
Phil Palmer: lead guitar;
Kuma Hara: bass;
Jim Russell: drums

Tracks 5-10: Recorded live in concert at The Paris Theatre, London, 11 September 1976
Produced by Mike Appleton. Engineered by Tom Corcoran

Gay Woods: dulcimer, vocals;
Terry Woods: rhythm guitar, vocals;
David Morrison: slide guitar;
Dave Pegg: bass;
Dave Mattacks: drums


  1. We Can Work This One Out
  2. Full Moon
  3. Dreams Come True
  4. Lonesome Blue
  5. Under the Yew Tree
  6. The Time Is Right
  7. Song for the Gypsies
  8. Country Blues
  9. Love Is Like a Burden
  10. Radioman

All songs composed by Gay & Terry Woods


Thanks to Alex Lyons for told me of David Morrison playing slide guitar on this album.