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Gay & Terry Woods: The Time Is Right

Gay & Terry Woods: The Time Is Right (Polydor Super 2383 3375)

The Time Is Right
Gay & Terry Woods

Polydor Super 2383 3375 (LP, UK, 1976)
Antilles AN 7029 (LP, USA, 1976)

Produced by Sandy Roberton for Roberton Brown Assoc. Ltd;
Design & art direction by Paul Welch (aided & abetted by Gay Woods);
Photography by Sanders;
Photo tinting by Terri Lawlor


Terry Woods: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, autoharp, electric mandola, concertina, banjo, vocals;
Gay Woods: dulcimer, autoharp, vocals

Dave Mattacks: drums;
Dave Pegg: bass;
Pat Donaldson: bass;
Timmi Donald: drums;
B.J. Cole: dobro, steel;
Brian Golbey: fiddle;
Jon Gillaspie: keyboards;
David Morrison: slide guitar;
Tristan Fry: vibes


Side 1

  1. Song for the Gypsies (3.14)
  2. The Brown Girl (Roud 180; Child 295) (5.09)
  3. Northwinds (3.01)
  4. When the Time Is Right (3.47)
  5. Back to You

Side 2

  1. Redlake Piker (3.08)
  2. Empty Rooms (4.15)
  3. Under the Ewe Tree (3.22)
  4. Stealer of Dreams (4.25)
  5. Country Girlie

All tracks Gay and Terry Woods except
Track 2 trad. arr. Gay and Terry Woods