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Gay & Terry Woods: The Time Is Right

Gay & Terry Woods: The Time Is Right (Polydor Super 2383 3375)

The Time Is Right
Gay & Terry Woods

Polydor Super 2383 3375 (LP, UK, 1976)
Antilles AN 7029 (LP, USA, 1976)

Produced by Sandy Roberton for Roberton Brown Assoc. Ltd;
Design & art direction: Paul Welch (aided & abetted by Gay Woods);
Photography: Sanders;
Photo tinting: Terri Lawlor


Terry Woods, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, autoharp, electric mandola, concertina, banjo, vocals;
Gay Woods, dulcimer, autoharp, vocals

Dave Mattacks, drums;
Dave Pegg, bass;
Pat Donaldson, bass;
Timmi Donald, drums;
B.J. Cole, dobro, steel;
Brian Golbey, fiddle;
Jon Gillaspie, keyboards;
David Morrison, slide guitar;
Tristan Fry, vibes


Side 1Side 2
  1. Song for the Gypsies (3.14)
  2. The Brown Girl (Roud 180; Child 295) (5.09)
  3. Northwinds (3.01)
  4. When the Time Is Right (3.47)
  5. Back to You
  1. Redlake Piker (3.08)
  2. Empty Rooms (4.15)
  3. Under the Ewe Tree (3.22)
  4. Stealer of Dreams (4.25)
  5. Country Girlie

All tracks Gay and Terry Woods except
Track 2 trad. arr. Gay and Terry Woods