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Peter Knight & Danny Thompson

Peter Knight & Danny Thompson (Resurgence RES108CD)

Peter Knight & Danny Thompson

Resurgence RES108CD (CD, UK, 1995)

Recorded at Black Mountain Studios on Fleetwood Mobile;
Coordination for Resurgence by Robin Ayling;
Cover painting ny Colin Lucas


Peter Knight: violin;
Danny Thompson: double bass


  1. Number One (29.42)
  2. Number Two (18.51)

All titles composed by Peter Knight and Danny Thompson

Liner Notes

Early 1994 Stuart Ongley, head of SGO Music Management asked me if I would be interested in a collaboration with Peter Knight the well respected violonist, known for his outstanding musicianship with Steeleye Span and of course, recording with his own group and others too many to mention here.

I have known Peter for over 20 years and met him socially through mutual friends but, never played together. So when the opportunity came I jumped at it - I am told that Peter responded similarly.

The result of our association is presented on this recording which consists of the two separate pieces totally improvised. The time spent with Peter during this work was pure joy, he has great humour, generosity and as this recording clearly shows, superb musicianship with a wonderful tone. Unfortunately different working schedules have kept us apart but there is a plan to work together again - soon I hope

Danny Thompson, 1995


Peter Knight Danny Thompson, Peter Knight Danny Thompson