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Gold, Frankincense & Myrhh

Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band: Gold, Frankincense & Myrhh (Park PRK CD 59)

Gold, Frankincense & Myrhh
Maddy Prior & The Carnival Band

Park Records PRK CD59 (CD, UK, November 2001)


Maddy Prior: vocals;
Bill Badley: renaissance and baroque lutes, guitar, mandolin, vocals;
Steve Banks: djembe, talking drum, saz, violin, vocals;
Jub Davis: modern and baroque double basses, percussion, vocals;
Giles Lewin: violin, viola, recorders, flute, shawm, vocals;
Raph Mizraki: ’ud, saz, darabuka, balafon, percussion, vocals;
Andy Watts: shawm, recorders, clarinet, Turkish clarinet, bassoon, vocals

Notes on the instruments

classical Arabic lute, known in Arabia by the seventh century and spreading to all parts of the Middle East and Europe
long-necked lute used in Turkish folk and pop music
family of double reed instruments common in North Africa, the Middle East and medieval Europe
Turkish clarinet
version of the modern clarinet, made of metal
an African type of xylophone
west African drum, played with the hand
talking drum
hour-glass shaped drum played with a stick
goblet shaped drum found around the Mediterranean from Morocco to the Balkans


  1. Melchior (3.26)
  2. Caspar (2.21)
  3. Balthazar (4.55)
  4. Journey to Jericho (6.02)
  5. Melima (3.16)
  6. Journey to Bethlehem and Song of the Animals (3.22)
  7. Welcome Stranger (3.31)
  8. Song of Angels (1.44)

Creatures and Kings

  1. The Oxen (2.50)
  2. The Carnal and the Crane (Roud 306; Child 55) (4.15)
  3. Rorate Coeli De Super (3.10)
  4. Entre Le Bouef et L’Ane Gris (3.14)
  5. Hark! Hark What News (Roud 389) (1.46)
  6. Bethlehem Down (3.40)