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March the Morning Sun

[ Roud - ; Mudcat 158386 ; Royston Wood]

Shirley Collins sang March the Morning Sun, accompanied by her sister Dolly on portative organ, on their and The Young Tradition’s album The Holly Bears the Crown, which was recorded in 1979 and released in 1995. She noted:

Words and music written by [The Young Tradition’s] Royston Wood as a carol for St Stephen’s Day (26 December).

This track was also included on her anthologies The Classic Collection (2004) and An Introduction to Shirley Collins (2017).

Marisa Jack & Davy sang March March as the title track of their 2016 EP March March.


Shirley Collins sings March the Morning Sun

March, march the morning sun
And the dawn wind dancing
To the early tune of small pretty birds
Up from the dark fields chancing.

Then men and dames give up your beds,
All maids and boys your yawning
To hear the bells ring frosty round
To tell it’s Christmas morning.

And some to bake and some to make
And some the gifts go seeking
And lovers to their trysting place
To share their joys unspeaking.

So soon around come cakes and ale
And time is for a story
Then silent all who gather round
Hear tell of Jesus’ glory.

Then dance my dream to the magic of the bow
From dusk ’til early dawning
To find the earth serene and still
This clear St. Stephen’s morning.