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Jane, Jane

[ Roud - ; Ballad Index FSWB392A ; trad.]

Shirley Collins learned Jane, Jane from the singing of Peggy Seeger and recorded it in 1964 with Davy Graham for their album Folk Roots, New Routes. She wrote in her 2018 book All in the Downs (p. 119):

I was pleased with the album—and still am; I sang well, and there was a certain poise about it. There’s only one song I wish I hadn’t included—Jane, Jane, which I’d learned from Peggy Seeger and was totally unsuitable. I think I felt that I needed one lighter song, but why I chose that one, I don’t know, agreeing with one reviewer who wrote “What on earth made hr sing that?”


Shirley Collins sings Jane, Jane

Chorus (2× after each verse):
Hey hey my Lordy, Lord

I’m a-gonna buy three mockin’ birds,
One for to whistle, one for to sing.
One to do most any little thing.

I’m a-gonna buy three hunting dogs,
One for to run, one for to shout,
One to talk to when I go out.

I’m a-gonna buy three muley cows,
One for to milk, one to plough my corn,
One to pray on Christmas morn.

I’m a-gonna buy three little blue birds,
One for to whistle, one for to sing,
One for to do most any little thing.