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Shirley Collins: Lodestar

Shirley Collins: Lodestar (Domino WIGLP389)

Shirley Collins

Domino Recording WIGLP389/WIGCD389X (LP/CD, UK, 4 November 2016)

English, American and Cajun songs dating from the 16th Century to the 1950s

Recorded at Shirley’s cottage in Lewes, East Sussex, in 2015 by Stephen Thrower and Ossian Brown of Cyclobe;
Pre-production by Stephen Trower and Ossian Brown;
Produced and musically directed by Ian Kearey;
Final mix by Jamie Johnson;
Mastered by Darrel Sheinman and Caspar Sutton-Jones at Gearbox Records;
Song notes by Shirley Collins;
Sleeve notes by Stewart Lee;
Front cover image, portrait and sextant photography by David Newton;
Session photos by Ian Kearey;
Photos of Ian by Ossian Brown;
Design by Matthew Cooper


Shirley Collins: vocals [1ac, 2-10];
Pip Barnes: vocals [1a], guitar [2];
Ian Kearey: mandolin [1ab], the instrument (half mountain dulcimer attached to an English Victorian 5-string banjo neck) [3, 6, 9], 12-string resonator [4], bottleneck guitar [5], Ampeg bass [5], guitar [8], harmonium [10], musical director;
Ossian Brown: hurdy-gurdy [1ab, 3];
church organ pipe [1ab];
Alex Neilson: percussion [1a], drums [6];
Michael J. York: English half-long pipes [1a];
John Watcham: concertina [1cd];
Glen Redman: drum [1cd], dancing [1d];
Elle Osborne: cello [2];
birds in Shirley’s garden [3];
Dave Arthur: guitar [7], vocals [7], banjo [9];
Pete Cooper: fiddle [7, 9], vocals [7];
Derrick Hughes: serpent [7];
Rivka Zoob: viola [10]


Side 1

  1. Awake Awake (Roud 2111) / The Split Ash Tree / May Carol (Roud 305) / Southover (11.08)
  2. The Banks of Green Willow (Roud 172; Child 24; G/D 6:1225) (3.18)
  3. Cruel Lincoln (Roud 6; Child 93; G/D 2:187; Henry H735) (3.27)
  4. Washed Ashore (Roud 185; Laws K18; G/D 1:20; TYG 7) (2.57)

Side 2

  1. Death and the Lady (Roud 1031) (4.46)
  2. Pretty Polly (Roud 367; Laws N14; Henry H166) (4.13)
  3. Old Johnny Buckle (Roud 19111) (1.41)
  4. Sur le Borde de l’Eau (3.52)
  5. The Rich Irish Lady (Roud 180; Laws P9; G/D 6:1219; Henry H72) / Jeff Sturgeon (5.58)
  6. The Silver Swan (Roud 23625) (1.27)

All tracks trad. arr. Shirley Collins, Ian Kearey except
Track 1b Ossian Brown;
Tracks 1c, 5 tune Shirley Collins;
Track 1d Glen Redman;
Track 2 trad. arr. Shirley Collins, Pip Barnes;
Track 7 trad. arr. Shirley Collins, Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper;
Track 9b trad. arr. Dave Arthur, Pete Cooper;
Track 10 after Orlando Gibbons, ca. 1611