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Nanci Griffith: Other Voices, Too

Nanci Griffith: Other Voices, Too (Elektra 7559-62235-2)

Other Voices, Too
(A Trip Back to Bountiful)
Nanci Griffith

Elektra 7559-62235-2 (CD, USA, 1998)

Produced by Jim Rooney and Nanci Griffith except track 18 produced by Jim Rooney, Nanci Griffith and Don Gehman.


The musicians on Who Knows Where the Time Goes are Nanci Griffith: lead & harmony vocals, guitar; Dolores Keane: harmony vocals; James Hooker: piano, Doug Lancio: electric guitar; Ron de la Vega: bass; Pat McInerney: drums; Iain Matthews: acoustic guitar, harmony vocals; Brian Willoughby: acoustic guitar; Clive Gregson: electric guitar; Sharon Shannon: button accordion; Mary Custy and Nollaig Casey: fiddle.


  1. Wall of Death [Richard Thompson] (3.09)
  2. Who Knows Where the Time Goes [Sandy Denny] (5.34)
  3. You Were on My Mind [Sylvia Fricker] (2.46)
  4. Walk Right Back [Sonny Curtis] (2.33)
  5. Canadian Whiskey [Tom Russell] (2.59)
  6. Desperados Waiting for a Train [Guy Clark] (4.16)
  7. Wings of a Dove [Bob Ferguson] (2.51)
  8. Dress of Laces [John Grimaudo / Saylor White] (4.55)
  9. Summer Wages [Ian Tyson] (4.02)
  10. He Was a Friend of Mine [trad. arr. Dave Van Ronk / Eric Von Schmidt] (3.11)
  11. Hard Times Come Again No More [Stephen Collins Foster] (5.43)
  12. Wasn't That a Mighty Storm [trad. arr. Tom Rush / Eric Von Schmidt] (5.01)
  13. Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) [Woody Guthrie / Martin Hoffman] (5.21)
  14. Yarrington Town [Mickie Merkens] (4.23)
  15. I Still Miss Someone [Johnny Cash / Roy Cash Jr.] (3.38)
  16. Try the Love [Pat McLaughlin] (3.45)
  17. The Streets of Baltimore [Harlan Howard / Tompall Glaser] (2.35)
  18. Darcy Farrow [Tom Campbell / Steve Gillette] (2.33)
  19. If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song) [Pete Seeger / Lee Hayes] (2.48)