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Strange Affair

[Richard Thompson]

Linda Thompson sang Strange Affair on her and Richard Thompson’s 1978 album First Light. This recording was later included in Richard Thompson’s 3 CD set, Watching the Dark.

June Tabor sang Strange Affair on her and Martin Simpson’s album A Cut Above. This track was later included in her anthologies Aspects, Anthology, and Always. They returned to this song in 2011 on Martin Simpson’s Topic CD Purpose+Grace. He noted:

In 1976 I had just released my first album and had been picked up by a heavy, old school music business manager whose avowed intent was to make me a star. I was not averse to the concept, and went straight from small folk clubs to opening shows for Steeleye Span at the biggest halls in the country. Early the next year June Tabor asked me if I would accompany her on tour. I was ecstatic and duly reported to my manager, who told me I was a star and didn’t play for other people. I disagreed and failed to be the next big thing, but started ten years of intense learning as June’s accompanist. In 1980 we recorded A Cut Above for Topic which included Richard Thompson’s Strange Affair. After 30 plus years it feels most appropriate to revisit the song with June.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Richard Thompson’s website.