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[Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick]

This epic song originally appeared on Fairport’s Full House (re-released on the double CD compilation Meet on the Ledge: The Classic Years 1967-1975), and on the Live At The L.A. Troubadour album. Both were recorded in the year after Sandy left the band.

On 26 January 1974 at the Sydney Opera House, Australia, Fairport revisited this song for their Live album; In this version, Sandy plays piano and sings, adding vocal depth which was not on the other versions. This version also features a fine bass solo by Dave Pegg. Another live version with Sandy was performed in May 1974 at Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado and published in 2002 on Before the Moon. Another Fairport live version of this song probably from 31 October 1975 at Brunel University, Uxbridge was released on the Fairport unConventioNal 4CD set together with Stranger to Himself and as part of the gig’s recording on the CD Who Knows? The Woodworm Archives Vol. 1.

Further live versions without Sandy can be found on e.g. the semi-bootleg From Past Archives (recorded at the Filmore West in August 1970), on the first “official bootleg cassette” The Airing Cupboard Tapes (recorded at San Antonio, Texas in October 1971), live from Cropredy 1982 - including Trevor Lucas - on the cassette A.T. 2 and live from Cropredy 1983 on the cassette The Boot. Another 1983 performance, this time by Simon Nicol and Dave Swarbrick solo (!) live at the Topic Folk Club in Bradford, was included in the 2003 Dave Swarbrick anthology Swarb!.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Richard Thompson’s website.