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Brass Monkey: Bad News Is All the Wind Can Carry

[Richard Thompson]

Richard Thompson recorded this song on his first solo demo tape early in the ’70s. When it was proposed to be included in a fan club cassette, Richard said "Over my dead body". Therefore, this cassette was named Doom and Gloom II (Over My Dead Body). It was sung by John Kirkpatrick on Brass Monkey’s 1983 eponymous debut album Brass Monkey. This LP was re-released in 1993 as the first half of the CD The Complete Brass Monkey.

The The Complete Brass Monkey LP’s sleeve notes commented:

Written by Richard Thompson some time in 1972. Learnt by John Kirkpatrick from Ashley Hutchings during Albion Band rehearsals at the National Theatre.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Richard Thompson’s website.