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Richard Thompson: Ship to Shore

Richard Thompson: Ship to Shore (New West CDNW6578)

Ship to Shore
Richard Thompson

New West Records CD/LPNW6578 (CD/2 LP, USA, 31 May 2024)

Recorded by Chris Bittner at Applehead Studio, Woodstock, NY;
Mastered by Chris Athens Masters, Austin, TX;
Photography by David Kaptein;
Makeup by Lena Kaptein;
Cover Art and illustration generated and designed by Michael Dicken;
Package design by Tom Bejgrowicz for Manalive Creative

Tradfolk review by Gavin McNamara
KLOF Magazine album review by Danny Neill


Richard Thompson: guitar, vocals, accordion, keyboard, mandolin, hurdy-gurdy;
Bobby Eichorn: guitar;
Taras Prodaniuk: bass;
Michael Jerome: drums;
Zara Phillips: harmony vocals;
David Mansfield: fiddle


  1. Freeze (3.19)
  2. The Fear Never Leaves You (4.45)
  3. Singapore Sadie (3.54)
  4. Trust (4.17)
  5. The Day That I Give In (3.14)
  6. The Old Pack Mule (4.20)
  7. Turnstile Casanova (3.23)
  8. Lost in a Crowd (2.58)
  9. Maybe (4.03)
  10. Life’s a Bloody Show (3.54)
  11. What’s Left to Lose (4.09)
  12. We Roll (3.44)

All tracks written by Richard Thompson