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Sharon and the Students: The Better Land

Sharon and the Students: The Better Land (private issue)

The Better Land
Sharon and the Students

private issue (cassette, UK, 1985)

Sharon and the Students were a shape-note and Balkan-style singing group from Keighley: Anthea Bellamy was invited to join them, and Peter Bellamy dropped in and out of the line-up occasionally, and was on this Sharon and the Students’ cassette, recorded in 1985.

Recorded by Nigel Schofield at Pennine Radio, Bradford, on 9 April 1985


Neil & Maggie Adam, Peter & Anthea Bellamy, Jim Ellison, Joel Griffiths, Lynda Hardcastle, Helen & Mike Hockenhull, Alan Rose, John Wade: vocals


  1. Helo Malenka (0.59)
  2. Northfield (Roud 15044) (1.48)
  3. Antioch (Roud 20382) (2.39)
  4. Sito mi e milo (3.11)
  5. White (Roud 5732) (1.58)
  6. Evening Shade (Roud 5718) (3.46)
  7. The Better Land (Roud V232 ?) (2.14)
  8. May Song (Roud 305) (2.24)
  9. Daniel Prayed (Roud 7592) (2.41)

All tracks trad. except
Track 5 Elder Edmund Dumas


Thank you very much to David Bartlett for providing me with a copy of this fine album!

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