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Up the Raw

[ Roud 3155 ; Ballad Index StoR122 ; trad.]

J. Collingwood Bruce, John Stokoe: Northumbrian Minstrelsy John Stokoe: Northumbrian Minstrelsy

Louis Killen sang Up the Raw in 1962 on his Topic EP of songs from the North-East and the border, Northumbrian Garland. This was also included in 1968 on the Topic LP (and in 1998 CD) of old and new Northumbrian songs, Along the Coaly Tyne. Louis Killen noted:

This dandling song is of mining origins, the ‘raw’ is a pit row—a row of pit houses.


Louis Killen sings Up the Raw

Chorus (repeated after each verse):
Up the Raw, doon, the Raw,
Up the Raw, lass, ivvory day,
For shape or colour, ma bonny hinny,
Thou bangs thy mother, me canny bairn.

Black as a craw, ma bonny hinny,
Thou bangs them a’, lass, ivvory day,
Thou’s a’ clag-candied, ma bonny hinny,
Thou’s doubled japanded, ma canny bairn.

For hide or hue, ma bonny hinny,
Thou bangs the craw, ma canny bairn;
Up the Raw, ma bonny hinny,
Thou bangs them a’, ma canny bairn.