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Songs & Sounds of the Sea

Songs & Sounds of the Sea (National Geographic 705)

Songs & Sounds of the Sea
Various Artists

National Geographic Society 705 (LP, USA, 1973)

Editorial Production: Mary McPeak, Robert E. Pullman;
Sound: William E. Moore (Original recording), Jon H. Larimore (Chief Engineer);
Music Director: Tony Saletan;
A Sounds of the World Recording from National Geographic Society

See also the Sleeve Notes on Nick Guida’s The Balladeers website.


Aly Bain: fiddle;
Tony Barrand: vocals;
Gordon Bok: vocals and Portuguese laudo;
Cliff Haslam: vocals;
Michael Cooney: vocals and five-string banjo;
Joe Hickerson: vocals;
David Jones: vocals;
Louis Killen: vocals and concertina;
Cathal McConnell: tin whistle and flute;
Rodney Miller: fiddle;
Robin Morton: wooden plank;
Dave Richardson: mandolin;
John Roberts: vocals, banjo and concertina;
Gerret Warner: vocals and banjo;
Jeff Warner: vocals


Side 1

  1. Along the Pier
    Tony Barrand
    Ten Penny Bit
    Louis Killen (concertina)
    The Dreadnought (Roud 924; Laws D13; Henry H194)
    Cliff Haslam with Jeff & Gerret Warner, Tony Saletan
  2. Money in Both Pockets
    Cathal McConnell, Aly Bain, Dave Richardson
    Blow, Ye Winds (Roud 2012)
    Michael Cooney
  3. Boston Harbour (Roud 613)
    Joe Hickerson with Jeff & Gerret Warner, Tony Saletan
  4. Jolly Roving Tar (Roud 2807)
    Jeff & Gerret Warner
  5. Patsy Campbell
    Cathal McConnell & Robin Morton
    The Whale Catchers (Roud 3291)
    Tony Barrand with John Roberts (concertina)
  6. Wheat in the Ear
    Gordon Bok
    The Little Beggar Man (Roud 900; Henry H751)
    Michael Cooney
  7. Johnny Todd (Roud 1102; G/D 8:1583)
    Louis Killen
    Sail Away, Ladies (Roud 17635)
    Michael Cooney

Side 2

  1. The Diamond (Roud 2172; G/D 1:11)
    John Roberts with Tony Barrand, David Jones, Jeff & Gerret Warner
  2. Deil Stick the Minister
    Dave Richardson
  3. Rio Grande (Roud 317)
    Jeff & Gerret Warner, Cliff Haslam, Tony Saletan
  4. Old Molly Hare (Roud 7781)
    Michael Cooney
    Cant You Dance the Polka? (Roud 486)
    Michael Cooney
  5. Fiddle Medley: Nelson’s Victory / Virity / Rafferty’s Reel
    Rodney Miller with David Jones
  6. Captain Kidd (Roud 1900; Laws K35)
    Jeff Warner with Gerret Warner (banjo)
  7. Liverpool Hornpipe
    Aly Bain, Cathal McConnell, Robin Morton
  8. Queer Bungo Rye
    Gordon Bok
    Devil Among the Tailors
    Michael Cooney
  9. Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her (Roud 354; Henry H53b)
    Tony Saletan with Cliff Haslam, David Jones, Gerret Warner, Jeff Warner, Joe Hickerson, John Roberts, Louis Killen, Tony Barrand