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Treasure Island

Treasure Island (Mermaid TPM/002)

The Mermaid Theatre Production of
Treasure Island
by Robert Louis Stevenson

Mermaid Theatre TPM/002 (LP, UK, 1960)

Sea Shanties and Songs
adapted and arranged with new lyrics by A.L. Lloyd
from the new production of Treasure Island

Keith Prowse Music Publishing Co. Ltd. (1960)

Sea Shanties and Songs (Prowse)

Recorded on stage at Mermaid Theatre;
Recording by Theatre Projects;
Edited by Anthony Horder;
Adapted and directed for record by Sally Miles;
Sea shanties and songs arranged by A.L. Lloyd;
Supervising shantyman: Ronald Pember;
Photography by Adam Woolfit;
Sleeve by Gerald Frow

The Crew

Jim HawkinsLen Jones
AndersonNorman Mann
HarryMichael Jenkinson
Dr LiveseyEdward Jewesbury
Squire TrelawneyMichel Logan
RedruthAnthony Edwards
Long John SilverBernard Miles
Captain FlintJack Spratt
MorganRaymond Llewellyn
Captain SmollettRichard Beale
MerryBrian Osborne
Israel HandsGeorge Innes
DickPeter Craze
O’BrienJuan Moreno
TomTom Dickson
GrayTony Mansi
Ben GunnClive Elliott


Side 1

  1. The Admiral Benbow Inn—Jim tells of the old seadog … of the strangers who came to the inn … of how the blind man gave the Black Spot … and of the finding of the Map of the Island.
  2. The Quayside at Bristol—Where the good ship “Hispaniola” is taking on men and stores for the voyage to Treasure Island.
  3. The Spy Glass Inn—Jim Hawkins meets the one-legged sea-cook, Long John Silver … and sees Black Dog again.
  4. Aboard “The Hispaniola”—Captain Smollett is unhappy about the voyage … they set sail … and of what Jim heard in the apple barrel … Land Ho! as the Island is sighted.
  5. In the Cabin—Jim reports the planned mutiny to Captain Smollett, Squire Trelawney and Dr Livesey … the party goes ashore.
  6. On Treasure Island—Jim Hawkins meets Ben Gunn.

Side 2

  1. Jim tells how the ship was abandoned, as the Squire and Captain Smollett went ashore to find him … and how Hands and O’Brien then ran up the Jolly Roger …
  2. In the Stockade—The end of the first days fighting with Silver and the mutineers … the Squire, Dr Livesey and Captain Smollett raise the colours over the log cabin on the Island … Silver comes to bargain for the map … he is turned away and fighting starts again … outside the stockade the mutineers are routed … Dr Livesey decides to go and see Ben Gunn … Jim shows him the place and is told to return to the stockade … but he decides to board “The Hispaniola” again instead.
  3. Aboard “The Hispaniola”—Jim boards the ship again … and runs into Israel Hands.
  4. The Stockade—Jim returns to the stockade thinking to find the Captain … but finds that it’s been taken by Silver and the mutineers … Silver puts down a rebellion among his own men.
  5. The Hunt for the Treasure—Silver and his men stumble across a skeleton … and are given a fright by Ben Gunn … The Treasure is found … Jim is relieved at the arrival of Squire Trelawney and Dr Livesey … and “The Hispaniola” sails for home.


Thank you very much to Alistair Banfield for the cover picture of the book Sea Shanties and Songs.