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The Ian Campbell Folk Group: Coaldust Ballads

The Ian Campbell Folk Group: Coaldust Ballads (Transatlantic TRA 123)

Coaldust Ballads
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

Transatlantic Records TRA 123 (LP, UK, 1965)

Recorded at Olympic Studios, London
Produced by Nathan Joseph
Cover photo John Adams
Design Brian Shuel

The title of this L.P. is also the title of a collection of mining songs by A.L. Lloyd and we are indebted to him for permission to use this title. We are also indebted to him both for his considerable research into mining songs and for his constant help, encouragement, and constructive criticism in the past. Much of the material for this L.P. was drawn from his collection Come All Ye Bold Miners.

See also the album's sleeve notes in the Ian Campbell Folk Group discography at Nick Guida's fantastic The Balladeers website.


Ian Campbell, Lorna Campbell: vocals;
Brian Clark: guitar, vocals;
John Dunkerley: guitar, banjo;
Dave Swarbrick: fiddle, mandolin, 12 string guitar;


Side 1Side 2
  1. Come All You Gallant Colliers (2.01)
  2. Down in the Coal Mine (Roud 3502; TYG 101) (2.28)
  3. The Canny Miner Lad (2.08)
  4. Sandgate Girl's Lament (Roud 3170) (1.40)
  5. Rap Her to Bank (Roud 1786) (1.37)
  6. The Blantyre Explosion (Roud 1014; Laws Q35) (2.37)
  7. Instrumental Medley: The Banks / The High Level (2.16)
  8. Pay Friday (2.27)
  1. The Colliers' Rant (Roud 1366) (1.24)
  2. Geordie Black (Roud 3507) (2.38)
  3. The Sandgate Dandle (Roud B24532) (1.40)
  4. Drunken Bella Roy (1.57)
  5. Blackleg Miners (Roud 3193) (1.30)
  6. My Miner Lad (Roud 2599) (2.02)
  7. Cushy Butterfield (2.26)
  8. The Plodder Seam (1.10)
  9. Collier Laddie (Roud 3787; G/D 5:991) (3.34)

All tracks trad. except
Tracks 1, 16 Ewan MacColl;
Track 2 Joseph Bryan Geoghegan;
Track 3 Ian Campbell;
Track 8 Anderson;
Track 10 Rowland Harrison;
Tracks 11, 12 Robert Nunn;
Track 15 George Ridley