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Ian Campbell: And Another Thing

Ian Campbell: And Another Thing (Celtic Music CM070)

And Another Thing
Songs From
Ian Campbell

Celtic Music CM070 (CD, UK, 1993)

Tracks 1-2 recorded by Robin Campbell at the Abattoir Studio;
Tracks 3-4, 7-8 recorded by Mick Bisiker at his Falstaff Studio;
Tracks 6, 10 recorded at the Saint Studio, Handsworth;
Photography by Kevin Thomas


Ian Campbell, Lorna Campbell, David Campbell, Duncan Campbell: vocals;
Robin Campbell: backing vocals, synthesiser;
Neil Cox: guitar, backing vocals;
Aiden Forde: fiddle, guitar, backing vocals;
Angus Clark: bass guitar;
Mick Bisiker: piano, guitar;
Ted Bunting: saxophone


  1. Odour of Success (4.30)
  2. Assegai (3.22)
  3. Them and Us (2.36)
  4. Failure (3.05)
  5. Man’s World (4.05)
  6. All Aboard (2.30)
  7. Gallery (2.20)
  8. Good Morning Blue (4.42)
  9. The Man Who Played the Pipe (2.37)
  10. It’s Over Now (3.52)
  11. Street Song (4.48)

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