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Under the Rose

The Albion Band: Under the Rose (Spindrift SPIN 110) The Albion Band: Under the Rose (Making Waves SPINCD 110)

Under the Rose
The Albion Band

Spindrift Records (Making Waves) SPIN 110 (LP, UK, August 1984)
Making Waves SPINCD 110 (CD, UK, August 1996)
Talking Elephant TECD294 (CD, UK, 23 July 2015)

The Albion Band: Under the Rose (Taking Elephant TECD295)

Produced by The Albion Band and Mick Dolan;
Recorded and mixed at Millstream Studios, Cheltenham, 1984;
Engineered by Mick Dolan;
Illustrated by D. & L. Potter;
Album cover by Phil Smee at Waldo’s Design;
Talking Elephant re-issue package design by Mick Toole;
An Albino Project


Cathy Lesurf: vocals;
Phil Beer: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, mandolin;
Trevor Foster: drums;
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, bass guitar;
Doug Morter: vocals, electric guitar;
with special guest
Max Clifford: synthesisers, alto saxophone


Side 1

  1. Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (5.36)
  2. Words (4.26)
  3. Rascals (4.35)
  4. Woodlands of England (5.02)

Side 2

  1. Heart (3.32)
  2. Dancing under the Rose (4.51)
  3. Broken (5.42)
  4. Sailor’s Rest Hornpipe / The Shipwreck (7.35)

Tracks 1-2, 4-5, 8b Ashley Hutchings, Dave Whetstone;
Tracks 3, 7 Cathy Lesurf;
Track 6 Ashley Hutchings;
Track 8a Phil Beer

Sleeve Notes

There are a number of ghosts who inhabit the songs on this album. In no particular order of appearance the include: John Donne (Heart), William Shakespeare (Tomorrow, Dancing under the Rose, and more), Eugene O’Neill (Tomorrow), Jackson Browne and George Eliot (Words), and Dave Whetstone (everything).