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The Albion Band: The Vice of the People

The Albion Band: The Vice of the People (Powered Flight POWDCD02)

The Vice of the People
The Albion Band

Powered Flight Music POWDCD02 (CD, UK, 30 April 2012)

Recorded in Sheffiled at Powered Flight / The Burton Street Foundation in Autumn 2011;
Produced by Tom Wright with Katriona Gilmore;
Mixed by Julien Batten at Quayside Studios Newcastle;
Mastered by NIM;
Photography by James Fagan;
Artwork and layout by Gavin Davenport


Gavin Davenport: vocals, guitar, cittern, concertina;
Blair Dunlop: vocals, guitars;
Katriona Gilmore: vocals, fiddle, mandolin;
Benjamin Trott: lead guitar;
Tom Wright: drums, vocals;
Tim Yates: bass, melodeon


  1. Intro: A Quarte Hour of Fame (0.44)
  2. Roll Over Vaughan Williams (3.23)
  3. Coalville (4.16)
  4. The 2×2 Set: Goat Feathers / Shepley Lion Pie / Polishing the Cockerels (4.13)
  5. Thieves Song (4.31)
  6. How Many Miles to Babylon? (6.04)
  7. Set Their Mouths to Twisting (4.01)
  8. Faces (4.05)
  9. The Skirmish Set: Skirmish / Much Wenlock (3.43)
  10. Adieu to Old England (Roud 1703) (4.53)
  11. One More Day (Roud 704) (4.48)
  12. Wake a Little Wiser (4.22)

Tracks 1, 3, 4ab Katriona Gilmore;
Track 2 Richard Thompson;
Track 4c Tom Wright, Tim Yates;
Tracks 5-6 Gavin Davenport;
Track 7 Fran├žois Villon, Phil Beer;
Track 8 Nik Kershaw;
Track 9 Nick Barber / trad. arr. The Alboon Band;
Tracks 10-11 Gavin Davenport / trad. arr. The Alboon Band;
Track 12 Gavin Davenport, Tom Wright