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The Albion Christmas Band: Magic Touch

The Albion Christmas Band: Magic Touch (Talking Elephant TECD352)

Magic Touch
The Albion Christmas Band

Talking Elephant TECD352 (CD, UK, 25 November 2016)

Recorded by Paul Hopkinson at Foundry Recording Studio, Chesterfeld, England, in 2016;
Produced by Ashley Hutchings and Paul Hopkinson;
Mastered by Anders Peterson / CS Mastering & Post;
Package design by Mick Toole


Kellie While: vocals, acoustic guitar;
Simon Care: melodeon, drum, morris bells, spoken word [12];
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, bass guitar, spoken word;
Simon Nicol: vocals, acoustic guitars

with special guest
Ruth Angell: violin, vocals [8]


  1. See Amid the Winter’s Snow (Roud 27069) (4.51)
  2. December in New York (4.01)
  3. Minstrel’s Song (poem) (1.34)
  4. In Bethlehem City (2.58)
  5. The Webley Twizzle / Fairytale of New York (3.25)
  6. Gower Wassail (Roud 209) (2.49)
  7. Ghost Story (3.46)
  8. Christmas Bells Begin to Chime (3.48)
  9. Hampshire Mummers’ Christmas Carol (Roud 1065) (4.19)
  10. Extract from Snow / Christmas Eve, 1914 (7.01)
  11. Silent Night (Roud 27088) (3.51)
  12. Headington Medley: Laudanum Bunches / Rigs of Marlow / Getting Upstairs (4.00)
  13. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening (poem) (0.56)
  14. There’s a Light Shining Over Bethlehem (4.14)

Track 1 Edward Caswell, John Goss;
Track 2 Thea Gilmore;
Track 3 Ted Hughes;
Track 4 trad. Northamptonshire, arr. Albion Christmas Band;
Track 5a trad. Bampton, arr. Simon Care;
Track 5b Jem Fisher, Shane MacGowan;
Track 6 trad. arr. Kellie While, Simon Nicol;
Track 7 Ashley Hutchings, Simon Nicol;
Tracks 8, 14 Ruth Angell, Ashley Hutchings;
Tracks 9, 12 trad. arr. Albion Christmas Band;
Track 10a Edward Thomas;
Track 10b Mike Harding;
Track 11 Joseph Mohr, Franz Grubner, arr. Albion Christmas Band;
Track 13 Robert Frost