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Light Shining

The Albion Band: Light Shining (Albino ALB001)

Light Shining
The Albion Band

Albino ALB001 (LP, UK, January 1983)
Rillenschlange RL 11005/83 (LP, Germany, 1983)

The Albion Band: Light Shining (Rillenschlange RL 11005)
The Albion Band: Light Shining (Sharrow SRA 1002)

Sharrow Records SRA 1002 (LP, UK, 1991)
Sharrow Records SDA 1009 (CD, UK, 8 July 2013)

Produced by Ashley Hutchings;
Recorded by Barry Gibbons at Beech House Recorders, Deal, Kent, August-September 1982;
Associate Producer: Dave Mattacks;
Mixed by Jerry Boyes at Livingstone Studios, Wood Green, London


Cathy Lesurf: vocals;
Jean-Pierre Rasle: vocals, bagpipes, crumhorn, recorder, Northumbrian pipes;
Simon Nicol: vocals, guitar, dulcimer, keyboards;
Dave Whetstone: vocals, melodeon, concertina, acoustic guitar;
Ashley Hutchings: lead vocals [8], vocals, bass guitar;
John Maxwell: lead vocals [3c], vocals, drums, percussion;
Dave Mattacks: drums, synthesiser;
Mary Miller: spoken words [2];
Bill Martin: synthesisers [4];
Karen Bullen, Lyn King: vocals [8]


Side 1

  1. Light Shining (5.25)
  2. Wolfe (5.25)
  3. London Dance Song Medley (5.57)
    a. Pell Mell in Pall Mall
    b. The Kensington Square Square Dance
    c. (Do) the Aldwych
  4. The Green Mist (6.16)

Side 2

  1. (Love Is Like a) Railway Station (3.20)
  2. Swift Nick (4.50)
  3. Always Chasing Rainbows (4.37)
  4. Sisters (of Mercy) (3.32)
  5. Beware of Blue (6.31)

Tracks 1, 3b/c, 5-7, 9 Ashley Hutchings, Dave Whetstone;
Track 2 Ashley Hutchings;
Track 3a Ashley Hutchings, Jean-Pierre Rasle;
Track 4 Cathy Lesurf;
Track 8 Ashley Hutchings, Lyn King, Dave Whetstone