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Kickin’ Up the Sawdust

Ashley Hutchings: Kickin’ Up the Sawdust (Harvest SHSP4073)

Kickin’ Up the Sawdust
Ashley Hutchings

Harvest Records SHSP4073 (LP, UK, 1977)
BGO Records BGOCD 244 (CD, UK, 1994)

Ashley Hutchings: Kickin’ Up the Sawdust (BGOCD 244)

Produced by Ashley Hutchings;
Engineers: Jerry Boys, Vic Gramm;
Recorded at Sawmills Studio, Golant, Corwall and Sound Techniques, London;
Special thanks are due to John Tams and Eddie Upton for their assistance in the planning of the album, and to David Busby for the cooking.


Bob Cann: melodeon, calling;
Jimmy Cooper: hammered dulcimer;
John Tams: melodeon, mouth organ;
Terry Potter: mouth organ;
Michael Hebbert: duet concertina, synthesiser;
Peter Bullock: clarinet, baritone saxophone, piano, synthesiser;
John Rodd: Anglo concertina;
Graeme Taylor: electric and acoustic guitars;
Ashley Hutchings: electric bass guitar;
Michael Gregory: drums, tambourine


Side 1

  1. La Russe (La Russe / Cadum Woods / Blueball Polka) (4.25)
  2. Buttered Peas (3.50)
  3. Hullichan Jig (2.25)
  4. Waves of Joy (I’m Noo Awa’ Tae Bide Awa’ / Rosin the Bow / The Minstrel Boy) (4.12)
  5. Heel-and-Toe Polka (The Belfast Polka) (2.40)
  6. Tavern in the Town (2.48)

Side 2

  1. Double Quadrille (Danish Double Quadrille / Old Comrades’ March) (6.15)
  2. Jumping Joan (The Rogue’s March) (3.12)
  3. Dorset Four-Hand Reel (2.33)
  4. Hornpipes (Broken Hornpipe / Rickett’s Hornpipe) (5.22)
  5. Reels (Speed the Plough / Dave Knick-Knack / Far From Home) (3.18)
  6. Cumberland Square Eight (Cock o’the North / My Love She’s But a Lassie Yet) (3.23)

Session Out-Takes

  1. The Quaker’s Wife / Little Burnt Potato (3.18)
    released on Buttons & Bows and on The Guv’nor Vol. 4
  2. The Norfolk Long Dance (3.00)
    released on Buttons & Bows and on (The Guv’nor Vol.) 5
  3. Clare Dragoons
    released on Buttons & Bows Vol. 2.
  4. High Level Hornpipe / Uncle George’s (4.06)
    released on Buttons & Bows Vol. 2, The Guv’nor Vol. 2 and on Stepping Up - A History of the New Wave of English Country Dance Music
  5. Three Waltzes (3.22)
    released on The Guv’nor Vol. 3

Sleeve Notes

This album of tunes for dancing features traditional and revivalist musicians playing together (some of the latter using electric instruments). Most of the recordings were made at sessions in Cornwall’s Sawmill Studio. Hidden away as it is up a creek off the River Fowey, Sawmills is not the sort of studio you come across every day. It is in fact a converted sawmill (pictured at the turn of the century on the front cover) and is totally inaccessible by road. You either have to take a boat down the river and up the creek or walk along an old rail-track which about three times a day groans under the weight of a consignment of fresh clay transported in clattering old waggons. Needless to say, recording stops when the waggons hove in view. The sessions were great fun and consequently the music that came out of them is just right for dancing. So form up sets everyone!

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