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The Albion Band: An Evening With The Albion Band

Albion Band: An Evening With The Albion Band (Talking Elephant TECD041)

An Evening With The Albion Band
Dangerously Live and Seriously Rockin’
The Albion Band

Talking Elephant TECD041 (CD, UK, 15 April 2002)

Recorded live at concerts in England during 2000 and 2001;
Engineered by Paul Smith, Simon Yorath and David Woolgar;
Mixed by Joe Broughton at Salenella Studios, Birmingham, in early 2002;
Booklet design by Malcolm Holmes


Kellie While: vocals, acoustic guitar and drums (on Steamroller Elves);
Joe Broughton: fiddle, electric guitar (on Steamroller Elves);
Ashley Hutchings: vocals, electric bass guitar;
Neil Marshall: drums, percussion, electric guitar (on Steamroller Elves);
Ken Nicol: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar;
Pete Zorn: vocals, saxophone


  1. The Landslide (5.27)
  2. I Am a Humble Bridge (4.58)
  3. Chief Seattle’s Reply / Time to Ring Some Changes (6.04)
  4. I’m a Poor Dressmaker (3.40)
  5. Wings (4.32)
  6. Bedtime at Bryn Rhodyn (5.35)
  7. Seven Strong Spires (7.54)
  8. Go North (7.15)
  9. The Three Shepherds (6.36)
  10. Steamroller Blues / The T.G.V. (part) (8.08)

Tracks 1, 3a, Joe Broughton;
Track 2 Ashley Hutchings, Chris While;
Track 3b Richard Thompson;
Track 4 Trad. / Ashley Hutchings;
Track 5 Ashley Hutchings, Ken Nicol;
Tracks 6, 9, 10b Joe Broughton;
Track 7 Ashley Hutchings, Gillie Nicholls, Ken Nicol;
Track 10a James Taylor