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The Gallant Weaver

[ Roud V7499 ; Robert Burns]

Gordeanna McCulloch sang The Gallant Weaver on her 1978 Topic album with The Clutha, Sheath and Knife. She noted:

Contributed by Robert Burns to James Johnson’s Scots Musical Museum (Edinburgh, 1787-1804).

Jean Redpath sang The Gallant Weaver in 1990 on her album The Songs of Robert Burns Volumes 7.

Leslie Hale sang Where Cart Rins Rowin in 1997 on the Linn anthology The Complete Songs of Robert Burns Volume 3.

Barbara Dymock sang The Gallant Weaver and Blythe Was She on her 2011 CD Hilbert’s Hotel. She noted:

Two songs by Robert Burns. I substituted another trad tune for the usual weaver’s one.


Gordeanna McCulloch sings The Gallant Weaver

As Sark rins rowin tae the sea,
By mony’s the flooer an spreading tree,
There lives a lad, the lad for me,
He is the gallant weaver.
Oh I had wooers eight or nine,
They gied me rings and ribbands fine.
But I wis feared my hert wid tine,
Sae I gied it tae the weaver.

My faither signed my tocher band
Tae gie the lad that has the land.
But tae my hert I’ll add my hand
An gie it tae the weaver.
Though birds repose in leafy booers
A bees delight in openin flooers,
Though corn grows green in simmer shooers,
I’ll love my gallant weaver.