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Pound a Week Rise

[Ed Pickford]

Dick Gaughan sang Ed Pickford's The Pound a Week Rise on his eponymous 1978 Topic album Gaughan. This track was also included in 2002 on his Greentrax anthology Prentice Piece. And he sang it in 1986 on his Scotland's Trade Union Centre album of songs of the Scottish Miners, True and Bold.

Malcolm's Interview sang Pound a Week Rise on their 1987 Special Delivery / Topic Records album Breakfast in Bedlam.

The Demon Barber's learned Pound a Week Rise from Dick Gaughan's albums and recorded in in 2010 for their CD The Adventures of Captain Ward.

Siobhan Miller sang Pound a Week Rise on her 2017 album Strata.

Tony Wilson sang Pound a Week Rise on the 2018 anthology of North East Singers singing songs by Ed Pickford, The Hooky Mat Project.


Please find the lyrics for this song at Ed Pickford's website.