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Molly Brannigan

[ Roud 13375 ; Ballad Index E153E ; Bodleian Roud 13375 ; DT MOLLBRAN ; Mudcat 4265 ; trad.]

Joe Holmes sang Molly Brannigan in 1976 on his and Len Graham’s Free Reed album of traditional songs, ballads, lilts and fiddle tunes from the North of Ireland, Chaste Muses, Bards and Sages.

Bróna McVittie sang Molly Brannigan on her 2018 album We Are the Wildlife. She noted:

After the sweet singing of Colm O’Donnell: flute player, farmer, forester, shepherd and sheep dog trainer from Sligo. When humour flies in the face of tragedy Irish song is at its best.


Bróna McVittie sings Molly Brannigan

Man did you ever hear of pretty Molly Brannigan
She stole away my heart and now I’ll never be a man again
There’s not a spot on me hide that the sun’ll ever tan again
Now Molly’s gone and left me all alone for to die

Chorus (after each verse):
Dee idle daddle dee…

Oh there’s a hole in my heart you could easy roll a turnip in
As big as a paving stone from Dublin to the Devil’s Glen
If she tried to take another, sure she might’ve left mine back again
And not to leave me here all alone for to die

Man dear I remember when the milking time was past and gone
We went into the meadow where she swore I was the only one
That ever she could love, but oh she proved to be the cruel one
And left me here lamenting all alone for to die