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[Stan Rogers]

Stan Rogers sang his own song Lock-Keeper on his 1984 album From Fresh Water. He commented in his liner notes:

There is an extensive system of locks along the St. Lawrence Seaway. The locks have a marvellous history. It’s a pity they couldn’t speak half the tales they’ve been privy to. I guess it probably goes without saying that everyone who has to travel to make a living will relate to the parallels in this song. Stan loved the road and performing was life’s-blood, but he wanted very badly to be the lock-keeper.

This version can also be found on YouTube:

Eric Bogle covered The Lock-Keeper on his 1985 Topic album When the Wind Blows and John Wright sang it in 1993 on his Fellside CD Ride the Rolling Sky.

Hector Gilchrist sang Lock-Keeper, “another of my favourites”, in 2007 on his WildGoose CD Ingleneuk.

Jon Boden sang The Lock-Keeper as the 10 June 2011 entry of his project A Folk Song a Day. He noted in his blog:

A beautiful anthem for the virtues of a more domestic existence. Sung often by Ian Giles at the Half Moon—Ian actually came and sang this recently at the Spiers & Boden 10th Birthday Bash at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. He sang it unaccompanied. Magic.