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Farewell, Farewell / Soldier’s Farewell

[ Roud 23810 ; Mudcat 71906 ; trad.]

The Claque sang Farewell, Farewell in 2008 on their WildGoose CD Sounding Now. They noted:

We have Dave Lowry to thank for teaching us the singing of Farewell, Farewell, from Padstow in Cornwall. It is a poignant song which was used to accompany the putting away of the peace ’oss at the end of Mayday, during the great war.


The Claque sing Farewell, Farewell

Chorus (after each verse):
Farewell farewell my own true love
Farewell farewell my own true love

How can I bear to leave you
One parting kiss I’ll give you
I’ll go what ’ere befalls me
I’ll go where duty calls me

No more will I behold thee
Nor in my arms enfold thee
With spear and penant glancing
I see the foe advancing

I think of thee with longing
Think though while tears are thronging
That with my last faint sighing
I whispered soft whilst dying