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Er Fa La La Lo

[ RoudFS S227619 ; trad.]

Gordon McIntyre sang Er Fa La La Lo in 1966 on the Australian album A Wench, a Whale and a Pint of Good Ale. The album’s liner notes called it “a traditional Irish song with the message of a protest song written yesterday” but with the Highlands and Lowlands references in the song I’d rather think it is Scottish.

Gwilym Davies collected Ar Fa La La Lo Alo from Gordon Hall on 3 February 1996.


Gordon McIntyre sings Er Fa La La Lo

There’s a lilt in the song I sing, there’s laughter and love.
There’s a tang from the sea and blue from heaven above.
Of reason there’s none and why should there be forby?
But the fire in the blood and toes and the light in the eye.

Chorus (after each verse):
Er fa la la lo horo er fa la la lay.
Er fa la la lo horo er fa la la lay.
Er fa la la lo horo er fa la la lay.
Fa li fa lo horo er fa la la lay.

The heather’s ablaze wi’ bloom the myrtle is sweet.
There’s a song in the air the roads a song at our feet.
So step it along as light as the bird on the wing.
And stepping along let’s join our voices and sing.

And whether the blood be Highland, Lowland or no.
And whether the skin be white or black as the sloe.
Of kith and of kin we are one be it right be it wrong.
As long as our hearts beat true to the lilt of the song.