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York Waits: Old Christmas Return’d

York Waits: Old Christmas Return’d (Saydisc CD-SDL 398)

Old Christmas Return’d
York Waits

Saydisc Records CD-SDL 398 (CD, UK, 1992)

Recorded and produced by Gef Lucena (Saydisc) and David Wilkins (Valley Recordings);
Recorded at Forde Abbey, nr. Chard, Dorset, February 1992;
Front illustration by Anthony Barton after Jan Brueghel;
Design by Genny Lucena


Anthony Barton: cornett, mute cornett, soprano capped shawm, Flemish bagpipes, English smallpipes, cittern, tenor and quint bass recorders, pipe and tabor;
Tim Bayley: soprano shawm, sopranino and soprano capped shawm, alto curtal, hurdy-gurdy, alto and bass flutes, tenor and basset recorders;
William Marshall: saggbut, alto recorder, cittern;
James Merryweather: soprano and alto shawms, bass curtal, English and Flemish bagpipes, tenor recorder;
Ian Richardson: soprano capped shawm, bass curtal, hurdy-gurdy, soprano, alto, tenor, quint and great bass recorders;
Roger Richardson: alto shawm, soprano and alto capped shawms, tenor curtal, alto and basset recorders

Robin Jeffrey: lute, guitar, cittern, theorbo;
Richard Wistreich: bass (voice)


  1. Gabriel From Heven-King (3.07)
  2. Es ist ein Ros entsprungen / En natus est Emanuel / In Dulci Jubilo (7.19)
  3. The Seven Joys of Mary (Roud 278) (3.48)
  4. Joseph, lieber Joseph mein (2.25)
  5. Nous voici dans la ville / Il est né / Le Anges dans nos campagnes / Touro-louro-louro! Lou gau canto (6.02)
  6. Den Haghel ende die calde Snee / Gaudete, Christus est natus (3.55)
  7. The Old Year Now Away Is Fled (1.28)
  8. Almain / The Night Watch (1.45)
  9. Quittez Pasteurs (2.03)
  10. Remember O Thou Man (Roud V19071) (2.58)
  11. Heigh-Ho Holyday / As It Fell on a Holy Eve (1.53)
  12. Drive the Cold Winter Away (Roud V9375) (2.45)
  13. Pavan: The Cradle / Galliard: The New-Yeeres Gift (5.24)
  14. Er ist een Kindeken geboren op d’Aard (3.46)
  15. The Gloucestershire Wassail (Roud 209) (2.12)