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Warsaw Festival 1955

Warsaw Festival 1955 (Topic T1)

Warsaw Festival 1955
Various Artists

Topic Records T1 (8" LP, UK, 1956)

The Fifth World Youth Festival took place in Warsaw, Poland, in August 1955. Almost every country in the world sent representatives of its young workers and students to meet in an atmosphere free of all barriers, to exchange experience and ideas on peaceful co-operation, to compete in a friendly spirit for sports trophies, and to show each other their best in artistic performances by young people.

This record brings to you actual excerpts from some of the most popular of these national programmes. The countries represented are Albania, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Soviet Union, and West Indies.

Recorded by Dick Swettenham;
Commentary spoken by Eileen Swettenham

Issued by Topic Records for the British Youth Festival Committee with the co-operation of the Radio Section of the World Youth Festival Organising Committee.


Side 1

  1. Three Soviet Girls from Ukraine: (unknown title)
  2. Bulgarian Choir: (unknown title)
  3. Danish Youth Choir / Italian Choir: (unknown title)
  4. Ibrahim Tukici: (unknown title)

Side 2

  1. West Indian Choir: (unknown title)
  2. Bulgarian Guitar: Bourrée
  3. Israeli Youth Choir: Cantata Treblinka
  4. Chinese Youth Choir: (unknown title)

All tracks trad. except
Track 6 Johann Sebastian Bach;
Track 7 Conrad


Thanks to Alistair Banfield for the cover picture and for the record details.