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Various Artists: True Voices

True Voices (Demon FIEND 165)

True Voices
Various Artists

Demon Records FIEND 165 (LP/CD, UK, 1990)
Capitol / The Right Stuff T2-32382 (CD, USA, 1995)

True Voices (Capitol / The Right Stuff T2-32382)

This is a tribute album to a number of departed songwriters including Phil Ochs, Tim Buckley, Nick Drake, Sandy Denny and Kate Wolf. As far as I know, the songs were recorded for this album and not collected from other records.


Side 1

  1. Gene Clark: Changes [Phil Ochs] (3.29)
  2. Jackie Lomax / Juke Logan: Devil Eyes [Tim Buckley] (4.44)
  3. John Stewart: Lady Came From Baltimore [Tim Hardin] (2.43)
  4. Krysai Kristianne / Robin Williamson: (Thank You) For Being There [Brian Jones] (3.38)
  5. P.F. Sloan: Simple Song of Freedom [Bobby Darin] (3.49)
  6. Lucinda Williams: Which Will [Nick Drake] (3.52)

Side 2

  1. Pat Robinson: To Love Someone [Del Shannon] (3.51)
  2. Susan Cowsill / Eric Johnson: At the End of the Day [Sandy Denny] (5.51)
  3. Stephen McCarthy / Carla Olson: Loving Arms [Tom Jans] (3.47)
  4. Michael Nold: Across the Great Divide [Kate Wolf] (5.25)
  5. Ed Black, Pieter Meijers et al: Dreamer [Sonny Criss] (6.18)