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The Ram Company: Waltzers & Wonders

The Ram Company: Waltzers & Wonders (Ada ADA112CD)

Waltzers & Wonders
The Wakes Is in Town
The Ram Company

Ada Recordings ADA112CD (CD, UK, 2008)

Recorded by Doug Eunson and John Adams at Old Hall Farm Studios, Derby;
Mixed and produced by Doug Eunson;
Executive producer John Tams;
Mastered by Jud, Sight & Sound, Bolton-upon-Dearne;
Front cover photo of ‘Savages 3-Abreast Gallopers’ by Alan Squires, reproduced by kind permission of the Thursford Collection, Thursford, Norfolk


Ian Carter: keyboard, vocals;
Keith Kendrick: Anglo and English concertinas, vocals;
Sylvia Needham: duet concertina, vocals, percussion;
Sarah Matthews: violin, viola, vocals, percussion;
Doug Eunson: melodeon, hurdy-gurdy, vocals;
Michelle Short: percussion, drum, vocals;
John Adams: guitar, mandolin, vocals, percussion;
Alan Squires: tuba, trombone, euphonium, mandolin, mandola, vocals;
Howard Mitchell: double bass, free reeds, vocals


  1. Mr Gavioli (2.38)
  2. Building-Up Song (3.29)
  3. Roll a Penny, Toss a Ball (2.49)
  4. The Helter Skelter (The Barker’s Shanty) (1.37)
  5. The House of Wax (4.25)
  6. Show Your Strength (2.26)
  7. (Tell Me, Tell Me) Madam Zaza (4.49)
  8. Sam Taylor, the Ilson Giant (4.30)
  9. Julie’s Chance (4.07)
  10. Mary Ann, the Tattooed Lady (4.11)
  11. Looking for Love (3.58)
  12. Lily Gilders (3.45)
  13. Streetfayre / Hackett’s Golden Gallopers (10.42)
  14. Pulling-Down Song (2.35)
  15. The Fairground (4.32)

All tracks written by Ian Carter except
Track 9 Sarah Matthews;
Track 13a Gareth Turner;
Tracks 12, 14 John Tams, from the 2006 Radio Ballad Swings and Roundabouts