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The Old Fashioned: Strawberry Leaves

The Old Fashioned: Strawberry Leaves (No Masters NMCD45)

Strawberry Leaves
The Old Fashioned

No Masters Co-operative NMCD45 (CD, UK, 25 March 2016)

Produced and engineered by Neil Ferguson;
Musical arrangements by Pete Bullock;
Cover design by Cathy Coope


Pete Bullock: piano, clarinet;
Fi Fraser: fiddle, vocals;
Howard Mitchell: double bass, melodeon

with help from
Jo Freya: saxophones and whistles;
Harry Hamer: percussion;
Jude Abbott: flugelhorn;
The No Masters Choir: vocals


  1. Babes in the Wood (Roud 288; Laws Q34) / Jack’s Seven Hand Reel (4.43)
  2. Last of the Widows (3.32)
  3. Silverton Polka / Happy Hours (4.11)
  4. Poor Murdered Woman (Roud 1064) (2.59)
  5. Rest of the Day (Roud 1485) (3.33)
  6. The Bonny Labouring Boy (Roud 1162; Laws M14; Henry H576) (4.13)
  7. Red Lane, Dark Lane (2.58)
  8. Our Captain Cried All Hands (Roud 602) (3.10)
  9. Reversible Fleece (3.10)
  10. William Taylor (Roud 158; Laws N11; G/D 1:169; Henry H213, H757) (3.31)
  11. Red Rum Rhumba / Grand Chain (3.30)
  12. Stately As a Galleon (3.09)
  13. When They Sound the Last All Clear / Dear Auntie Vera (3.41)

Track 1b Howard Mitchell;
Track 2 Jez Lowe;
Tracks 7ab Fi Fraser;
Track 9 Derek Pearce;
Track 11a Tufty Swift;
Track 12 Joyce Grenfell, Richard Addinsell;
Track 13a Hugh Charles, Lewis Elton;
Track 13b John Tams