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The Maerlock: Sofa

The Maerlock: Sofa (Fellside FECD214)

The Maerlock

Fellside Recordings FECD214 (CD, UK, 2008)

Recorded by Paul Adams and Robert Hallard;
Produced by Paul Adams and The Maerlock;
Artwork by Salma Alam;
Photography by Dale Broome


Salma Alam: vocals, flute, electronics;
Sarah Stuart: fiddle, backing vocals;
Olly Hamilton: piano, synthesiser, electric bass, accordion, backing vocals, additional guitar [9];
N.N.: guitars, backing vocals;
Toby Kearney: bodhrán, percussion, backing vocals

The Maerlock Big Band [13] also features:
Catriona Price: fiddle;
Jim Bulger, Chris Snead: trumpets;
Simon Lodge: trombone;
Ryan Searle: tenor saxophone;
Ben Cottrell: baritone saxophone;
Sarah Buckley: electric bass;
Dave Insua-Cao: drums

Strings on [10]:
Matt Farthing, Kate Moran: violins;
Daisy Watkins: viola;
Elinor Gow: cello


  1. Macedonian Tune: Ako Umram Il Zaginam / Trip to Pakistan / Sweet Molly (5.28)
  2. I Drew My Ship (Roud 402; G/D 4:792) / Daisy’s Lullaby (5.13)
  3. Bide Lady Bide (Roud 1350; Child 44; G/D 2:334) / Penguins Might Fly (4.34)
  4. Jigs: Driving to Inchnadamph / Paddy Fahey’s (4.00)
  5. Searching for Lambs (Roud 576; Henry H548) (3.07)
  6. The Procrastination Reel / The Monday Evening Reel / Claran Tourish (4.56)
  7. Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of His Second Wife (2.38)
  8. Come Ahead Charlie (3.14)
  9. Jungle Queen / St. Michael’s Mount / The Central Line / Brucie and the Troopers / The Flowers of Redhill (5.54)
  10. Two Ravens (Roud 5; Child 26) / The White Petticoat (4.30)
  11. Geordie (Roud 90; Child 209; G/D 2:249) / Kas A Barh (5.31)
  12. Julliemet / Catharsis (3.01)
  13. Jungle Queen / Brucie and the Troopers / Spain / St. Michael’s Mount (big band bonus track) (5.58)

Track 1a trad. Macedonian;
Track 1b Kenny;
Tracks 1c, 9d, 10a, 12a, 13b trad. Scots;
Tracks 2a, 3a, 5, 10b trad. English;
Track 2b Glover;
Tracks 3b, 6b Sarah Stuart;
Track 4a O’Rourke;
Track 4b, 9e trad. Irish;
Tracks 6a, 9a Olly Hamilton;
Track 6c Holland, Macdonald;
Track 7 Niel Gow;
Track 8 Shaw / McGoldrick;
Track 9b, 13d Andy Cutting;
Track 9c Johnny Moynihan;
Track 11a words trad., music Olly Hamilton, N.N.;
Track 12b Cann;
Track 13c Chick Corea

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