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If music be the food of love, play on.
Twefth Night, Act 1, Scene 1

The Food of Love Project

The Food of Love Project (Autolycos AUT01CD)

The Food of Love Project
Songs From Shakespeare’s Plays and Times
Various Artists

Autolycos Records AUT01CD (CD, UK, 2016)

A compilation album featuring songs either referred or performed in the plays of William Shakespeare.

Curated and comissioned by Sebastian Reynolds of PinDrop and Tom McDonnell of TMD Media to mark the Oxford Shakespeare Jubilee 2016;
Mastered by Tim Turan


  1. Dead Rat Orchestra: Bonnie Sweet Robin Is to the Greenwood Gone (6.18)
  2. Stornoway: Eibhlín a Riún (2.08)
  3. Flights of Helios: I Loathe That I Did Love (4.28)
  4. Brickwork Lizards: Fortune My Foe (The Hanging Song) (Roud V24484) (4.51)
    The Merry Wives of Windsor
  5. James Bell: Tom o’ Bedlam (Roud V16366) (2.35)
    King Lear
  6. Alasdair Roberts & Gordon Ferries: Caleno Custure Me (3.25)
    Henry IV Part 2
  7. Thomas Truax: Greensleeves (Roud 13290) (3.14)
    The Merry Wives of Windsor
  8. Mann Castell: Peg-A-Ramsey / Yellow Hose (4.50)
    Twelfth Night
  9. Rob St John & Pete Harvey: Farewell, Dear Love (Roud V29159) (6.26)
    Twelfth Night
  10. The Children of The Midnight Chimes: O Death, Rock Me Asleep (Roud V19226) (3.05)
    Henry IV Part 2
  11. Kirsty Law: Strength in a Whisper (4.19)
    Much Ado About Nothing
  12. David Thomas Broughton: Lawn as White as Driven Snow (Roud V38239) (11.31)
    A Winter’s Tale

All tracks trad. arr. except
Track 5 words trad., music Dave Moran, Nic Jones;
Track 12 derived from Go From My Window