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The Flooers o’ the Forest

The Flooers o’ the Forest (Greentrax CDTRAX1513)

The Flooers o’ the Forest
Songs and music of Flodden and a free CD of poetry and prose of Flodden
Various Artists

Greentrax Recordings CDTRAX1513 (2 CD, UK, July 2013)

Track 6 recorded and mixed by Iain Petrie in March 2013;
Track 8 recorded by Peter Haigh, Pier House Mobile, at Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s Primary School in March 2013;
Track 9, 14-15, 17, 19-20 recorded by Ian McCalman at Kevock Digital Studios in March 2013;
Tracks 16, 18, 21 recorded by Bees Knees in March 2013;
Other new recordings at Kevock Digital Studios, Pier House Mobile and Iain Petrie;
Mastered by Peter Haigh at Pier House Studios;
Design and layout by John Slavin at Designfolk


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CD 1: Songs and Music of Flodden

  1. Dick Gaughan: Flooers o’ the Forest (Roud 3812) (7.36)
    from Dick Gaughha & Andy Irvine: Parallel Lines (Folk Freak FF 4007, 1982)
  2. Archie Fisher, Garnet Rogers: Ettrick (2.15)
    from Off the Map (Snow Goose SDS 1112, 1986)
  3. Celticburn: Flodden’s Green Loaning (3.01)
    from Shake Loose the Border (Castledean CDEAN015, 2006)
  4. Lau, Karine Polwart: Lord Yester (6.07)
    from Lau vs Karine Polwart: Evergreen (Hegri / Lau LAUKP1, 2010)
  5. Steve McDonald: Flodden Field (4.55)
    from Legend (Aquarius AQ1201, 2003)
  6. Rob Bell: The Flodden Ride (Castrum Toun) (3.12)
  7. The Owl Service, Alison O’Donnell: Flodden Field (Roud 2862; Child 168) (4.00)
    from The Fabric of Folk (Static Caravan VAN142, 2008)
  8. Children of Drumlanrig St Cuthbert’s Primary School, Hawick: The Bonnie Banner Blue (4.21)
  9. Ian McCalman, Hamish Bayne, Stephen Quigg: The Recruiting Service Drum / Sons of Heroes (5.30)
  10. Karine Polwart: Sorrowlessfield (4.39)
    from This Earthly Spell (Hegri HEGRICD04, 2008)
  11. Gary Cleghorn: Auld Selkirk (3.18)
    from Songs of the Borders (Gary Gleghorn, 2013)
  12. Scocha: The Wail of Flodden (2.01)
    from Bordering on … (Scocha HC1514CD1, 2007)
  13. Drinkers Drouth, Davy Steele: Soutars Of’ Selkirk / The Deid Cat (Roud 5505) (3.46)
    from Bound to Go (Drouth DD02, 1984)
  14. Robin Laing: The Ears of the Wolf (4.47)
  15. Gary West: Flooers o’ the Forest (instrumental) (3.33)

CD 2: Poems and Prose of Flodden

  1. Iain Anderson: Flodden Hill (2.21)
  2. John Shedden: The Tale of Richard Lawson (3.37)
  3. Iain Anderson: The Warning to the King at Linlithgow (2.38)
  4. John Shedden: The Flodden Dead Mass (3.56)
  5. John Shedden: Edinburgh After Flodden (18.37)
  6. Iain Anderson: Flodden (2.05)
  7. Alastair McDonald: Flodden / Flooers o’ the Forest (3.43)
    from the DVD Velvet and Steel (Greentrax CDTRAX078, 1005)