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Various Artists: The Big Folk

The Big Folk (Fontana SFXL 55)

The Big Folk
Various Artists

Fontana SFXL 55 (LP, UK, 1969)

A compilation of early Fontana recordings.


Side 1

  1. Wally Whyton: Gentle on My Mind
  2. Noel Murphy: Irish Rover
  3. The Corries: October Song
  4. Derek Brimstone: She Loved a Portuguese
  5. The Tinkers: Gambling Child

Side 2

  1. Martin Carthy: Scarborough Fair (Roud 12; Child 2; G/D 2:329)
    from Martin Carthy
  2. Stefan Grossman: Religious Trainfare Blues
  3. Jeremy Taylor: Nasty Spider
  4. The Spinners: Erev Shel Shosanim (Evening of Roses)
  5. The Dundonald: Scots Wha Hae Nae