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The Audience Pleased

Various Artists: The Audience Pleased (Century Advent Recording Club OCF-42-756)

The Audience Pleased
Oberlin College Folk Music Club - Live Recordings 1959-1975
Various Artists

Century Advent Recording OCF-42-756 (LP, USA, 1976)

Produced by the Oberlin Folk Music Club in co-operation with Student Union;
Eric Brooks and Richard Carlin, Co-Presidents;
Selections by Richard Carlin;
Front Cover: “The Audience Pleased”, Honore Daumier Lithograph, 1864;
Photography by Robert H. Stillwell;
Recorded live at Finney Chapel and Wilder Main, Oberlin College, 1959-1975


See the individual tracks


Side 1

  1. Pete Seeger: East Virginia (Roud 3396)
    (Finney Chapel, 1959)
  2. The Highwoods Stringband: My Name Is Morgan (But It Ain’t J.P.)
    (Wilder Main, 30 March 1975)
  3. John Roberts and Tony Barrand: One Morning in May (Roud 2; Laws Q26)
    (Wilder Main, October 1974)
  4. The New Lost City Ramblers: There Ain’t No Bugs on Me
    (Wilder Main, 1959)
  5. The Boys of the Lough: Sheebeg and Sheemore / The Boys of Twenty-five / The Chaterin’ Magpie
    (Wilder Main, Spring 1974)
  6. Art Rosenbaum: Angelina the Baker
    (Wilder Main, 11 October 1975)
  7. Tommy Thompson and Jim Watson of the Red Clay Ramblers: Daniel Prayed
    (Wilder Main, 7 November 1975)

Side 2

  1. The Highwoods Stringband: Cumberland Blues
    (Wilder Main, 30 March 1975)
  2. John Roberts and Tony Barrand: Staines Morris (Roud V18894)
    (Wilder Main, October 1974)
  3. Pete Seeger: Twelve Gates to the City
    (Finney Chapel, 1959)
  4. The Boys of the Lough: Medley of Shetland Reels
    (Wilder Main, Spring 1974)
  5. Stanley Brothers: How Mountain Gals Can Love
    (Wilder Main, 1962)
  6. Louis and Sally Killen: The Barley Mow (Roud 944)
    (Wilder Main, 14 September 1974)
  7. Red Clay Ramblers: Rye Straw / Balleydesmond Polka
    (Wilder Main, 7 November 1975)


I copied the record information and cover picture of The Audience Pleased from the Louis Killen discography at Nick Guida’s fantastic The Balladeers website.