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Tamsin Elliott: Frey (Penny Fiddle PFR2206CD)

Tamsin Elliott

Penny Fiddle Records PFR2206CD (CD, UK, 30 June 2022)

Produced by Tamsin Elliott;
Production consultation from Theo Passingham;
Recorded by Alex Garden at Stwdio Felin Fach, Abergavenny;
Mixed by Ben Capp;
Mastered by Theo Passingham;
Photography by Kate Griffin;
Artwork by Tamsin Elliott and Ava Osbiston;
Design and layout by Tamson Elliott

Folking.com review by Dal Jeffries


Tamsin Elliott: piano accordion, lever harp, flute, whistle, vocals, effects, synth bass, field recordings;
Sid Goldsmith: cittern, double bass, vocals, effects;
Rowan Rheingans: violin, viola, vocals;
Rowan Elliott: viola, violin, vocals;
Ricardo de Noronha: percussion;
Soufian Saihi: oud


  1. Uma's Song (3.33)
  2. Old Wax Jacket // A Coat of Sawdust (4.17)
  3. Lullaby (4.19)
  4. I Dreamed I Was an Eagle (2.16)
  5. Vignette I (2.32)
  6. Light as Bone (4.18)
  7. Lament (3.49)
  8. Cold Moon (5.15)
  9. When the Times Darken (3.12)
  10. The Loss Endured I (1.58)
  11. The Loss Endured II (1.57)
  12. Emerging / Full Squirrel (4.24)
  13. Vignette II (2.22)
  14. Cygnus (4.48)

All tracks composed by Tamsin Elliott;
Lyrics of track 9 from “Motto to the Svendborg Poems” by Bertolt Brecht, translated by Edwin Morgan


Tamsin Elliott plays Lullaby / I Dreamed I Was an Eagle: